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  • Nix Lublijana & Zagreb (--high May prices ; whereas, Budapest & Belgrade are rock-bottom).
  • POLAND :
  • BALTIC :
    • Vilnius
      Turku library un : *r*c.*b*l pw : *b*l. National un : 2455477 pw: @9P
      USA bibliticka, Akmenu7. 10-14:00. middle left side of map. near Vilius/Gordormo
      departs from central bus station at square Moscovska.           25hourshostel.lt     0001#   WiFi 25hhgues 
      • Jamaik: rm3.9 10bed beds10,9
      • Mikalo: Gate code: 5354
      • pogo: code 2583  
    • Riga : flats : ss.lv
      kopkatalogs.lv/F/YX93M924IAKX2C14RPNDH18LDNDU127IMK9JLIRDUBLGINELE6-14641?func=LOGIN-PAGE --my parole 243277 (--my pw for Nat Bibli)
      RigaHostel at train-station is where i lived at 8€. they also own the good CentralHostel which is farther away. aslo has PC.
      airy hostel Raymond says private room he can get me in oldcenter for 300€
      on that Brivibas street, past the city bibliteka, there is a poliklink [Riga 1st hospital 1slimnica.lv/en ] next to the Theater building where i could go when i am sick or get emergency dental work done. also next to it is "the airyhostel ua girl's female dentist: Kristine kvedere at Ineses Stipnieces. clinc: 25524224. address: "Maiznicas iela 12"." --But they want a 3 week notice. also there is a man dentist next to her that also wants a 3 week notice. ..... .... ...SO i took the bus 3 more stops, Brivibas 230, stop TEF-- denta.lv ([email protected], +37120289287, Dr. Inna Putne) want 200€ for a root canal.
    • Tallin :
      16eur.ee hostel / oldtownMunkenhof. 11eu. 210€ per month. very good beds. [email protected] Munga 4
      Siim at FatMargaret says can only live in dorm for less than 1 month. private-room is 600€ only in non summer. bed2 room 210 "mixed-dorm" (no web) is biggest. (208 "mens-dorm" is small) ...Sometimes beds are not listed on app.
      oldhouse.ee lived here 2 days for 10€. No bunks, crowded. 320€ for 1 month. Uus ul. 26
  • PRAGUE :  Fio Banka, germanboy said no monthly fees and 6% interest but only in ckn.
    DowntownHostel 11-bed on flr1 is best of ALL! I paid 304+50czk on Sunday website. (deskgirl said all shops use own exchange rate if in €. A 2€ more ripoff!)
    ....note: 354czk to € is 15.1€ (website).

    JoyHostel buiding A 4bed is best. Cheapest to pay €! ...Building-B 3rd-fl 4bed sucks!!! Beds are side by side. ..I paid 14€ / 350.

    Sleep&Go 4bed rm10b no WiFi/heat. Also room 9b--but more privacy.

    ===== to PraguePlus:
    42czk CASH buy @ticketmachine in metro.
    from Paladium tram8,26
    or trainstation tram26
  • BRATISLAVA :  FlixBus to Brataslava is cheaper and quicker than to Wroklaw. 
    Katowice > Bratislava is 4.5h ... Bratislava > Budapest is 2.7h
  • DE:
  • LVIV : visit St. Privka, 7, Zavodska ul, medcenter.lviv.ua (in Lviv & in Kiev) , and go to Novodent cosmotologist that Viki uses.
  • bus.com.ua/cgi-bin/bus-order?b=469000&r=1002
    Magnus to "Western" bus station : trams 184A, 28, 52 (&mashuska 14).
    Magnus to vokzal tram1,6,4 --10ua ....or bus 29.                
Western bus station is 92grivna to Shegeni-- from Vogzal/Magnus mashuka 52, 28, 84a.
or tram1,6,4 at 10 grivna.
  • Parodent's Dr V : 
    couple bottom emax vineers. emax (porcelain/ceramic) overlays back--almost all my teeth. Top front are (Zirconium) crowns.
    My infected back crown price in 6 months? 6000.
    A new crown price? 6000. ...Repairs? --No.
    A new overlay price? 6000.
    A new veneer price? 6000.
    Mediatek : 0633200564 Fri 11AM–7:45PM, Mon closed, Sun 11AM-6PM, Mon 11AM-8:45PM-THU, SAT open 11. --Mediatek on Saturday
    USABib : Mon-Thurs 9-18:00 , Friday @10. OR Monday, Tuesday 10:00-18:00 / Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00 -20:00 / Saturday
    Closed / Sunday 10 00-18 00 : bibliotekanarynku.com ... WindowOnAmerica closed Sat & Monday!

    Science Bibliteka : open at 3.
    Monestary Bibli :
    verified: ALL biblitekas are closed SATURDAY, except Mediatek
    15:00 PzHata Englishclub. Here is where I got the key fixed on my PC: notebook.lviv.ua
    Emir-paki said he uses the "Polyclinic" in Lviv for free. even before he had visa and passport. Had blood checked.
    from Lviv voksal bus station, there is 1 bus to Kraków @21:15 for 400ua.

    MisterHostel-Alexandra dentist : Brulova6ul. saidnotdentist 0322613437
    c.) call the fem dentist from ArtHostel woman. ArtHstl dentist +380677600788 Ira , Shevchinsky district. en.
    d.) perlyna-clinic.com.ua : 500+80+70rubber ...3-7M-F. restoration 700front800big. ... this dude wanted 10000 for my front crown!
    lvivtoday.com.ua/listings/medical-care/st-paraskeva-medical-center > medcenter.lviv.ua/ua     
  • >>>Lviv bus-station at Lviv train-station:  ewe.pl.ua
  • MIAMI :  
    In Miami withdraw 9k v WFC ASAP 
    GoogleFi !!! SIM subscribe
    20k belt
State ID
Birth cert

Schwab office help me wire xk to pl, buy debit cards, carry xK .

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