08 November 2023

Why do Indians talk on-the-phone so much?

"I think this can be explained by taking a look at Indian culture. The automatic concern for strangers that western culture has, is lacking in Indian culture. There is only an obligation to your family and friends, not to strangers. They're talking loudly on the phone on the train because they literally 'DON'T CARE' about the comfort of the other passengers.

If you come to India, you will see this utter disregard for public places in it's glorious entirety. Spitting, littering, even peeing and shitting in public places is common. It's a culture of disrespecting public places and it's not about to change once they get to a foreign country. They don't know that they're doing anything offensive. If you politely request them to lower the volume, they might do it temporarily. But, in the long run, we are used to criticism and rather immune to it by now.." --Indian woman, quora.com/Why-do-Indian-people-who-take-the-Caltrain-talk-on-the-phone-so-much

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