" But I truly like nice shapes of heads, and I like them even more now as they are really scarce commodities in Poland. Actually I have never ever seen so many flat heads as I see when I am walking streets of Warszaw. I don’t know where this comes from but its a fact. At one point I started doubting my own opinion but I was reassured that I am right when my sister came over. I did not tell her anything, I was just waiting. And it came. After couple of days she told me if I have ever realised how many flat headed men there is around. "  --  http://iwanttobeafool.com/2014/04/hello-berlin-good-bye-flat-head


Learning A Foreign Language Stimulate Cerebral Growth


The thought that learning language stimulates brain growth may never have crossed your mind, but the truth is that language learning challenges your brain and stimulates it to stay pliable and strong. Regardless of your age, learning a new language can boost your brain’s function in more ways than one and we’ll explore all the benefits of learning a foreign language and how it directly affects the brain.



An International service assessment (ISA) fee is an international processing fee charged by Visa to merchants whenever a customer chooses to use a credit card or debit card issued by a bank outside of the UnitedStates. ... ISA fees are charged when an international transaction occurs, regardless of the circumstances.
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