15 March 2021


It's easy enough to avoid Euronet ATMs and just use the ones associated with actual banks. If the screen on any machine asks if you want to use dynamic currency conversation, just say no. It may be couched in terms of "do you wish to use the confirmed rate of exchange?" - no, you do not want this.

It is very important to take the cash out WITHOUT CONVERSION. ATM will ask you if you want the amount converted with guaranteed rate or no conversion. Banks rip off foreign users this way. If you choose 'conversion' you will get a rate much, much lower, often losing 25% of the transactions. This also applies to retail transactions where they will ask you if you want to pay in PLN or your bank card currency. ALWAYS pay in Polish currency (PLN)   ....Also, try to use large bank ATMs such as ING, Deutsch Bank, PKO etc.


always select the “withdrawal without conversion” option


dont use ING or that gov bank.

  ....PKO and Pekao didn't charge me anything. Millennium


Standard max. withdrawal from a Polish ATM is 1000PLN in one transaction, up to 5000 PLN per day.


Most of the ATMs I use now offer me a menu where they specify the exchange rate. There is always a button to decline that exchange rate. If you accept, that rate is being determined by the bank who owns the ATM you are using, and it's consistently awful. Never accept it.




An International service assessment (ISA) fee is an international processing fee charged by Visa to merchants whenever a customer chooses to use a credit card or debit card issued by a bank outside of the UnitedStates. ... ISA fees are charged when an international transaction occurs, regardless of the circumstances. 

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